Still so many minutes left to animate

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breakdown.jpgBesides animating there are more things to do, like composting, lighting, the environment. Ton and Sacha made a schedule from the breakdown to have an overview of all the actions. What you see here is only 1 page. There are 7 pages like this which in the end all need to be checked off. No finals yet, but come back soon for more detailed information!

screendumpIn this blog post also a short reproduction of the animating. William is animating 1 shot of 2.375 seconds. He has been busy with that for at least one day. One day within the Peachteam exists at least out of 10 working hours or even more. The script is divided in several scenes. Each scene is a certain amount of seconds. In the overview you can see how many animation seconds a shot has (not even counting prop animation!)

They are working on it!

Download the .ogg file here.

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  1. charliemcf Writes:

    wow… thats quite a lot :D

    so is there a name for the project yet?
    a rabbit’s revenge?


  2. charliemcf Writes:

    wow… thats quite a lot :D

    so is there a name for the project yet?
    a rabbit’s revenge?


  3. BlendRoid Writes:

    Wow. I can’t believe you guys haven’t snapped… or maybe you have, but retained your memory of the Peach project.

    “I remember… I remember.. the Alamo.”
    -Pee Wee Herman returning to consciousness in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

    Anyway, you guys are my heroes. Keep it up!

  4. Gianmichele Writes:

    nice shots William. How responsive is blender with that 3 characters? With XSI here at the studio the speed with similar rigs and 3 char is about 0.2 fps, orrible I should say!

  5. Mike Belanger Writes:

    Don’t despair. You know Pixar apparently only finishes 10 seconds max a week. And Pixar has way more manpower than you guys.

  6. Sienio Writes:

    This is madness!

  7. andy Writes:


  8. William Writes:

    Gianmichele: We get about 8 frames per second on these machines with three characters. I would have thought XSI would be able to do better, since it’s a more mature character animation tool. Oh well.

    With one character we get 24 fps, so at least we can see one character at a time at full speed. This is without subsurf remind you.

    There was some rumbling from the developers at one point about giving each armature its own thread to speed up rigs, bit I haven’t heard about that for a while.

  9. BlendRoid Writes:

    “THIS. IS. PEEEAAACH!!!” (kicks a bunch of autodesk nerds into pit)

  10. Dsp_418 Writes:

    About the fps matter and realtime playback: what about a sort of “subsurf damaged” modifier?
    I mean this: if turning the subsurf on return a slower fps, having a sort of “decreaser” modifier (reducing the polygons on a mesh, making it appear simpler as well) should increase the fps.
    Just a thought.
    Sorry if already suggested…

    Keep up the great work!

  11. Daniel Rentzsch Writes:

    Woah.. I had to pay 27,30€ for the Mancandy FAQ DVD and they’re getting it for free! ;)
    Great work, guys, keep it up!

  12. Joel Writes:

    The breakdown pic is a bit of a spoiler ‘aint it?

    Keep up the awesome work GUYS!!

  13. César Sáez Writes:

    You can do it!!!

  14. nawabz Writes:

    hay does Ton ever get cross with you guys if you let out too much of the shots and story to the public? Or do you hope he doesn’t visit these blogs

  15. Gianmichele Writes:

    WOOO, that’s great William! in XSI the gigapolygon core is fast when modeling, but deformations are really a pain, and even with chunk parented geometry we have hard time getting 24fps with one character. The machines are all core duo with a quadro :\
    Good to hear blender is good, and that thread thing sound intriguing :D

  16. Sago Writes:

    it’s the other way around, we get cross with him!
    Ton wants to show as much as possible, while some of us artists want to keep it limited.

  17. overenthousiast Writes:

    Hope you get a lot of “composting” done everyday very important if you’re growing your own vegetables.
    Goodluck finishing the project guys

  18. Schnappi Writes:

    I dont think we have seen to much yet.
    Three walking characters and some untextured trees are not exactly spoilers.

  19. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Schnappi: The script contains detailed descriptions of stuff happening in scenes. Need glasses? ;)

  20. testscreenings Writes:

    in scene 3-1:
    4 seconds long
    and 5 seceonds of animation

    will it be a bonus on special dvds?

  21. brecht Writes:

    testscreenings: seconds are counted for all characters in the shot individually and then added together.

  22. wayne Writes:

    wow guys, i see the pressure is on!
    but please… don’t rush and sacrifice quality. after all, animation is the most important part of an animation (duh).

  23. Meltdown Writes:

    Sago: Tell to Ton not to make tons. :)

  24. ros Writes:

    Great William! Cant wait to see this shoots. Its realy a lot to finish, but all you are doing great!

  25. voOdKa Writes:

    C’est bête que le dvd existe pas en français :(

    This beast that the DVDs are not in french

  26. horace Writes:

    i don’t think different language versions are needed since there is no dialog as far as we know. :)

  27. William Writes:

    Well, maybe french rodents sound differently than dutch or danish rodents?

    Does anyone have any info about this? That would be much appreciated.

    For example, dogs in England say Bow-wow, whereas in Holland they say Waf. Anyone know how rodents sound in your respective countries?

  28. Grafixsuz Writes:

    @ William, I am an Aussie, But in japan rodents they have being given the sound “chu” as in pikachu from the famed pokemon series.

    dogs are given “won” as they sounds ther are supposed to make…

    great stuff by the way

  29. LetterRip Writes:

    Hey all, if you could keep notes with the logs of how long each shot takes to complete it would be appreciated. Also when a shot was started etc.

    As much detail as to time of completion for various tasks would be of great use for independent animators looking to estimate how long a project could take.


  30. William Writes:

    We already know this based on our weekly schedules. We just have to remember to not throw our schedule plans away.

    Basically the answer is that we don’t do enough.

  31. Sigurdur Writes:

    Just idle thoughts of a newbie here. There are some utilities for distributed network rendering of Blender animations, would it be possible to rig one of those up to use for Peach? In a similar way as folding@home or SETI@home? When running on lowest priority (or as “nice”) it really does not impact the performance of the computer so much.

    Probably too much work to implement but I wanted to ask. I have several old servers (just 2.4 GHz Celerons) lying around which could be used to track a couple of light rays for Peach. I´m sure many others would like to participate as well.

  32. Nathan Letwory Writes:

    @Sigurdur: http://burp.boinc.dk/

    I don’t think there will be community based rendering, as there should be a rather well-sized renderfarm at their disposal (even if it is not dedicated).


  33. Richard Creel Writes:

    Neither of the links for the video work. Has it been taken down?