Movie title?

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It’s about time that the title of the movie is going to be announced.

Don’t you think so…

Download the .ogg file here.

29 Responses

  1. nate Writes:

    yes i think so

  2. Tomas Writes:

    Yeah, otherwise no one will be able to say “And the prize for best animated short goes to….”. So come on, don’t let us sit here in torture!

  3. fluetgeek Writes:

    hm, i don’t know why, but i’ve got the strange feeling that it’ll be gnaw.

  4. Emili Writes:

    quote from fluetgeek: “…but i’ve got the strange feeling that it’ll be gnaw”

    Response: gnaw


  5. BlenderBoy Writes:

    I agree with Ton, don’t name the project something you can’t pronounce (gnaw is no good). Something creative BUT relevant, as ED was a little eccentric. I’m sure whatever the team decides the community will embrace. Go Peach!

  6. Zeqe Writes:

    I thought it was going to be “Breakdown”.

  7. Jay Writes:

    Ton even sang a song about gnaw:

  8. oioioi Writes:


  9. Tesla Writes:

    haha, I agree with Ton, better think of another title that is a bit easier

  10. ToastBusters Writes:

    I don’t see why anyone would have trouble pronouncing “gnaw.” True, I am American (western) so it could just be an accent issue.

    Is it really that hard to pronounce?

  11. Meltdown Writes:

    Toast: Yes it is. “Proog” wasn’t easy too.

    Hey, Ton looks like “De Niro” at 37 seconds. :)

  12. Richard Writes:

    download.blender.org keeps timing out for me. Is anyone else having this problem?

  13. Meneer de Peer Writes:

    Same issue here, now I have to miss my daily shot of Peach, blah.

  14. Alex Writes:

    Can’t get on at all!

  15. Felix Kütt Writes:

    noes download.blender.org’s dead again? :’-(

  16. Leodp Writes:


  17. Jan Writes:

    Ton killed the download, ho holds all the passwords….this deadline is really getting to him ; )

  18. Olaf Writes:

    Strange. The .ogg file crashes during the last seconds on my machine. Anyone having the same problem?

  19. ton Writes:

    download server was hanging, we rebooted it and all works fine again!

  20. thoro (Thorsten Schlüter) Writes:

    Haha, my personal guitar god Joe Satriani made a song called “Gnaahh” :-).

  21. LOGAN Writes:

    Wanna see a cool movie?
    Ok, then not :D

    So you call it “Nibble”, “Going Nuts”, “Just Peach”, “Pinky and other nuts”, “Not Another Pixar Clone” or you gonna make the community pick a name (which is hard without seen the movie).


    Hmm, maybe the name is a bit to much sounding like the Nah, as in no. Make it positive, call it Yah!


  22. gethezaidma Writes:

    how about a combination of cute and furry? Something like “curry”? HARHARHAR

  23. Jahmaica Writes:

    Why not call it “Peach”, peach is nice, sounds nice, and even looks nice (the word)

  24. Mark Keller Writes:

    But you can’t have a movie with the same title as its codename! Actually, “Peach” is a rather cool title. There seriously ought to be a peach in it somewhere, though – like the elephant-headed cane in the last one.

  25. BrianR Writes:

    “Gnaw” is no good for an Open Source project. Because GNOME developers can’t get their heads round the idea of a silent G, of course.

  26. Johan Writes:

    How about ‘On hares end’?

  27. white rabbit Writes:

    how about ‘the slender white rabbit and his power on reality distortion’

  28. JoOngle Writes:

    Ironically we ended up naming a rodent-product Gnavz a few years ago…using Blender to create the “Gnavz” rodent character mascots for the product lineup. ;)

    I know it´s somewhat coincidental but to me somewhat funny :)

    An image I made a while back…

  29. Club Penguin Cheats Writes:

    I don’t see why anyone would have trouble pronouncing “gnaw.” True, I am American (western) so it could just be an accent issue.