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Finally an update from the producers department.studiok.jpg
Let’s start with the biggest news: the premiere date now is final and confirmed!

  • Thursday April 10th, 2008
  • Cinema Studio K, Amsterdam the Netherlands
  • Premiere event starts at 19.00, and includes dinner and party.

This is actually two weeks later than the original plan… which we’ll especially need to go over all shots again for final tweaks, error fixing, and general beautifying.

The premiere event has been made possible in collaboration with Creative Commons Netherlands (thanks guys!), which enables us to make this an unforgettable evening for Blender and for the open source and open content movement again.

The other big news is that we’ll have a real 35mm film copy with digital sound this time! Thanks to sponsorship of our friendly neighbours of Filmmore we will even get three copies, sufficient for an efficient distribution to festivals worldwide. It also means that we can start finding cinemas in big cities for local premiere events (between april 15 and june 1). If you’re interested in organizing this, please email margreet(at) to get more information.

The premiere evening will be accessible for everyone. However, if you want to be assured you can get a seat for the first screening you have to subscribe to the VIP ticket in our e-shop. This ticket only costs 30 euro and includes a glass of champagne after the film, snacks and a meal, some free drinks and first access to the party with a cool DJ. Not to mention early access to all celebs!

The cinema also will do a second screening, probably around 20h. This will be freely accessible for everyone, on a ‘first come first gets in’ basis. The party is also accessible for everyone, but only after 22h. You’ll then have to take care of your own dinner and pay for own drinks. But you’re very welcome!
More details about the schedule we’ll post here soon.

Note: Studio K is a hip new venue, in the same block as the recently opened StayOK hostel. This hostel has an excellent name. Book early!

Visit the e-shop to reserve your VIP ticket.

Later more,


33 Responses

  1. Felix Kütt Writes:

    O_O sweet news! :)

  2. MasterDomino Writes:

    Wow, great that you’ll receive 35mm-Copies of the film.

    Hopefully we can read something about the process of putting them to these rolls on the blog.


  3. JiriH Writes:

    Thank you for this great news!
    Will there be any teaser soon?

  4. Anonymous Writes:

    Are girls allowed? Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

    Please note; This is a reference to the Elephants Dream premiere blog post.

  5. dusty Writes:

    Ooooooooo it’s getting sooooooo close now!!! Woo hoo!

  6. Rakunko Writes:

    the true power of blender…will it be about the same length as the orange project?

  7. JB Reefer Writes:

    It seems like you started this so long ago, and you’ve done so much great stuff in the last few months. BTW Any word of what Durian is gonna be?

  8. AstralPancakes Writes:

    Durian will be Ton Roosendaal goes Jerry Bruckheimer.

    “No story, only explosions, fighting”


    Check the interview at

  9. Sven von Brand Writes:

    That’s great, can’t wait for the premier
    What will happen with those who bought the movie? when should they expect it to arrive, anyone bought ED?

  10. Elubie Writes:

    Wohooo! Ticket ordered!
    Good luck peach team for your final month!

  11. Olle Jonsson Writes:

    Hopefully i can gather some money to finally go to Amsterdam, For that big day :)

  12. LoMac Writes:

    That’s cool that it’s on film. Was Elephants Dream ever put on film?

  13. oxiigen Writes:

    Yea, Great!! Congratulations Guys!!

    Upper Big Bold Banner is also Cool, & Changing!

  14. Nuntius Writes:

    Neat, it’s being released on my birthday!
    For those of us not able to go to the Netherlands, when will it be available online?

  15. JoOngle Writes:

    A pity its on a workday …if it was a weekend I´d be coming over too! Oh well – maybe next time.

    Have a good party! I really look forward to see the “fruits” of your hairy labour ;)

  16. Carsten Writes:

    Did the “peachers” ever said a word about when the DVD will be shipped? I don´t see a thing about it in the Timeline… and i can´t wait to get the Disc..

  17. your mom Writes:

    is this film going to be in 3B ?

    ok that was bad…..

  18. Morrris Writes:

    What about subtitles and translation? I did spanish subtitles for elephants dream and was hoping to be able to do them for peach. I know that’s a DVD feature, not the actual movie, but what’s up? In ED the translators were working on it BEFORE the premier. Does anybody know?

  19. Sago Writes:

    Hi all,
    if everything goes well, we hope to ship the DVD half of May. This would mean we can put it online end of May. But for now we can’t be sure.
    @Morris, the movie has no dialog. If the DVD needs translation for the menu’s e.g. is something we’ll look at when we start working on it.
    @your mom, do you… ah, forget it…

  20. Ben Writes:

    No dialogue eh? That actually sounds more interesting to me. Keen to see how it all pans out, once I get the dvd in Australia of course. Best of luck to all!

  21. Martin Writes:

    Does anyone from Germany plan to attend the Premiere?

  22. wayne Writes:

    wow… going to be awesome!!!
    if i had an exuberant amount of spare money i’d fly out to see it… alas, i dont :(

  23. JoOngle Writes:

    I can´t get this tune out of my head.

    Bunny Bunny Bummy,
    Bunny Bunny…
    Must be funny..
    In a bunny world.

    (*ABBA money money..)

  24. Mr. Heads Writes:

    Very Funny!!!I will get to the DVD because I Will not go to Germany jaja I m from Ecuador

  25. Superkoop Writes:

    Oh what a shame I live so far away, and that I am but a poor student with no money. :'[
    Oh well, I guess I will just have to wait until end of May, and it’s exciting to see that the premiere is coming up! ^_^

  26. NathanKP Writes:

    Wow, can’t wait to see the movie. Too bad I live across the Atlantic….

    NathanKP – The Ink Weaver Collection – Writing Showcase Blog

  27. Zimbloggy Writes:

    good… but i have to wait a whole month?

  28. Kurt Writes:

    When will we get to see the trailer?

  29. Morris Writes:

    What?!! no Call for subtitles, no Call for Textures, no …. so I guess the community just sits around and twiddles their fingers this time :P What can we do? (already ordered DVD of course)

  30. Gianmichele Writes:

    well, the community is helping with the animation. There’s a lot of people from ED and also Pepeland :D

  31. Jurriaan Writes:

    I’m really curious about the movie. All the stuff looks great and I have been following this blog with a lot of pleasure. Good luck and fun on finishing it!

  32. jazzroy (riccardo covino) Writes:

    too sad i won’t be there.. good luck guys!!

  33. alan Writes:

    i’m glad with the blender institute..really looks like a family :) ..hope your proyect ends really well.. can’t wait to watch your movie.. luck!!