Awesomeness, it’s a DVD!!

Posted in Blender Institute by Sacha

Today we found some DVD’s (around 2500) outside the door of the Blender Institute. So we had the idea to just bring them inside and start packing them, get them ready for shipment. All I can say is pretty awesome.


Many thanks to Anne and Anja from the e-shop, some guys from the Apricot team and Martin Poirier (theeth) who are working hard to get the dvd’s out as fast as possible…… oh, and Ton too.

Peach out,


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  1. Daniel Genrich Writes:

    Can’t wait! Great job :)

  2. mat Writes:

    I can`t wait! It`s so cool!

  3. crazybus Writes:

    *drools* Now the long mailbox wait begins. Hopefully it wont be more than two weeks before I can finally watch it and dig into the lovely production files.

  4. DJ_BOXER Writes:

    I thank everyone for there hard-work on both the dvd/movie and 2.46. Awesome indeed!

  5. Gianmichele Writes:


  6. vanoin Writes:

    I’m love it ! It’s nice job!

  7. peter (dotblend) Writes:

    finaly, cant wait!!!

  8. MrNoodle Writes:

    I ll be waiting!

  9. Marcio Writes:

    Hi there! Can you tell me what is the lenght of the movie in minutes?

  10. Lasphere Writes:

    Super nice! :D Just can’t wait!

  11. Luiz Writes:

    I shall make a video of myself opening the package when it arrives – just like the ones showing kids getting an Wii. =DD

  12. Elubie Writes:

    Awesomeness, can’t wait to see it again :)

  13. Mal Writes:

    Very cool!!! Lifting and packing those boxes might be the only exercise Ton etc will get until the next Open Movie ships :)

  14. dilly Writes:

    Great news! :D
    Anyone knows if the DVD will arrive in the address that are on the account of Blender E-shop or to the account of the PayPal?
    I’m asking because I don’t have credit card and used the PayPal account of a friend… :P

  15. SCIBOTIC Writes:

    OH SHIT! I just remembered that the address I ordered with doesn’t exist anymore.
    If I change it in the e-shop is that enough?

  16. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    @SCIBIOTIC: You could try calling and emailing them. But you could also log in right away and change the adress in your account to a current one.

  17. freakydude Writes:

    Neetooo!! I’ll be keeping an eye on my postbox…

  18. superblenderist Writes:

    Great, at last XD

  19. ton Writes:

    svibiotic: it was all shipped already. We also printed the address labels long ago.

    Can’t you contact the former address to forward it? If not, then email the with order number and new address, they’ll ship you for free again.

  20. SCIBOTIC Writes:

    @ton: I’ll see if I’m able to get it from them, but thanks for the alternative if things don’t work out.

    I need to change my address for the Apricot DVD I ordered as well.

  21. welefen Writes:

    give me one,thank you

  22. Chris Writes:

    Wow! You’ve shipped all the pre-orders already? Impressive!

    How long will the shipping times be to different parts of the world?

  23. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    @Chris: On they just posted from Ton about the shipping. :)

  24. Ed Caspersen Writes:

    Can’t wait for mine to get here. You guys need another mirror for the release? My server doesn’t have a bandwidth cap. Let me know if you need another.

  25. Nicolas Writes:

    Hey, I wanna watch the movie, but I live in Colombia :(. If you translate the price 34 euros to pesos is a lot 98000 pesos, and you have to plus the shipping like 20 euros… a total of 155 695 pesos :S.
    Maybe could someone upload somewhere the dvd iso?

  26. dusty Writes:

    Ooooooh! Looks exciting!

  27. Chris Writes:

    @DJ_Boxer: Thanks for the heads up.

  28. Len Writes:

    Man I wish I had the money to pre-order it, but I’ll definitely order it later in the year when things are better my side.

    WELL DONE GUYS! Thanks for all your hard work. Also, Blender 2.46 ROCKS!

  29. Ralph Writes:

    @Nicolas: U only need to wait 10 more days till u can DL the movie!

  30. Ralph Writes:

    @Len: Hint for next Project.
    Order early, forgett about order and get surprised when things arrive. :-)

  31. sameer Writes:

    Congrats to the peach team. Waiting for the movie to get uploaded, too bad cannot order DVD :(

  32. wElly Writes:

    gratulation for this good work !

  33. Nicolas Writes:

    Hey, It seems pretty funny :P. By the way I want to download a elephants dream DVD but I don’t find where, smobody knows?

  34. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    @Nicolas: go to and click on production and there will be a link there. The files are also on the DVD with the Intro to Character Animation book by Tony Mullen.

  35. @DJ_Boxer Writes:

    I can’t download, I’ve already tried it, but without succes.

  36. Mildred Writes:

    congratulation… This is nice to see it is finally shipped.

    And, don’t work too hard. We wouldn’t want to see you exhausted. There still are many project like this one to be achieved (hopefully).


  37. Moarc Writes:

    Show Us The Download :D

  38. MrE Writes:

    OK! Are you happy now! I just got a restraining order from the police.
    It says that i may not harras the mailman if he doesn’t deliver a package at my adress.

    See what you made me into?! with your previews, teasers and “we’re sending the DVD now” topic.

  39. Gabriel Writes:

    Hi,great job!
    When you are going to put the movie for download?;)

  40. gooberstopper Writes:

    are you freaking serious, ton and crew actually will handle my personal dvd?!!!

    free freaking finger prints!!!

    i wont open it, i will just buy a frame and hang it on the wall!!!

    free fingerprints!!!

  41. surt Writes:

    gooberstopper: I’m auctioning some of the Peach team’s unwashed undergarments on ebay if you’re interested.

  42. Quantum Anomaly Writes:

    @surt: don’t make me laugh so hard – I’m at work and people will wonder what’s going on!

    To the Blender Foundation: THANK YOU! You guys rock and I truly look forward to seeing what you’ve created. I’ll be camping next to my mailbox, actually. :-)

  43. wimo Writes:

    I have my copy of the DVD, I live in spain, incredible.

  44. ___ALien___ Writes:


    I feel it’s my duty to everyone who wants to buy the “Introduction to character animation” by Tony Mullen to warn them that the files on the accompanying DVD i.e. ORANGE1.RAR and ORANGE2.rar that the files are corrupted and were corrupted from the source. It won’t open, and the author is using many methods to refuse to provide the files. I have opened 2 tickets with Sybex (Publisher), they also sent me another book thinking my copy was corrupted to no avail, they tried on their end and they have the same issue. I’ve read from many forums including blendernation and al, and no one seems to be able to get those 2 files (4 GB each).ALSO on the link for the FULL COPY doesn’t exist, you have to manually download the files 1 by 1 which is horrible.


    Ton, care to comment ?

    Best Regards