The release!

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bbbtrailer.pngThe dvd gold masters were sent in time to the printer, with as aim the may 15 release. Of course the day after we sent the discs some errors were detected…  like stereo sound in the ntsc movie, where 5.1 was more appropriate! New gold masters were sent, but it means that the printer needs extra days too. That means the discs get delivered here now on  tuesday May 20th (confirmed date by printer). We then will ship all of them the same day.

The online release of the film will then happen 10 days later, May 30 or 31.
We’re already lining up great mirror websites, sufficient for everyone to watch or download the film the same day!

Really curious to learn your reactions… :)


(BTW: May 17 or 18  is Blender 2.46 release. We’re going to get a good website traffic test!)

60 Responses

  1. Jonny Writes:

    First!!! Kewl. Short after my birthday (15.) the dvd will arrive!!!


  2. Bov Writes:

    Looking forward to the release and I’m also looking forward to animating with some new rigs.

  3. Tom Savage Writes:

    Looking forward to this!

  4. Lars Writes:

    No hurry! I’d rather wait a few days / weeks more for a better product than getting a not-complete early. ;)

  5. nawabz Writes:

    aaahh maan i wanted first comment
    getting close

    it means more waiting for us. but in the end im sure it will be worth it.

    i know blender institute is working only to get DVDs to a good standard.
    wait like you said people could seed the DVDs on torrents at same time they receive it.

  6. MrNoodle Writes:

    I ‘ll starting the countdown!

  7. Fury_jin Writes:

    No way, i have two chrismas in the same year!

    But this time i can see the big buck daddy!

  8. Saint Theo Writes:

    Will the 2.46 version finally fix the problems on MacBooks (not MacBook Pros) with Leopard (OSX 10.5)?

    Blender developers have completely ignored this problem.

  9. Born Writes:

    Congratulations Peach Team! And thank-you, so much, for Blender! I can hardly wait!

  10. Topher Hunt Writes:

    I can’t wait – will the online release be in torrent form also? That would take a lot of the load off of the mirrors.

    I’m really excited about this.

  11. Anonymous Writes:

    When I first got my Elephants Dream DVD one of the CDs had fallen out of the case’s plastic holder resulting in several scratches on the disc. I think quite a few people also had the same issue.

    Are there any plans to use a sturdier case or tape down the discs while in transit?

  12. Joris Writes:

    Well I can’t wait! :D Thanks

  13. Zaffo Writes:

    I can wait, since I know this. Counting down… Luckily shipping won’t take long from A’dam (Amsterdam) to R’dam (Rotterdam). I will copy the movie to my HDD and start seeding the torrent after the official web release + uploading the torrent to all mayor torrent sites.

  14. Sven von Brand Writes:

    I’ve waited long, but I believe it’s worth it, you’ve done a hell of a job. Can’t wait to receive my copy!! I was hoping to get it May 12 for my birthday, but a few extra days won’t hurt.
    I Hope the DVD gets here (Chile) before the internet Premiere

  15. Socceroos Writes:

    Agh, the wait is agonizing!! I’m really looking forward to finally seeing the movie!

    Well done Peach Team.

  16. Steven Chan Writes:

    I too am wondering whether Blender 2.46 will fix the graphics glitches that make it unusable on Macbooks and Mac Minis. Any progress on this?


  17. Kirado Writes:

    thanks for all the hard work.. can’t wait to see. So what ever happened about the tree and plat building system? Is the sky environment going to be in 2.46?

  18. Matthijs Writes:

    For those of you who are in the Amsterdam area on May 17th, be sure to visit the Ubuntu 8.04 releaseparty at Wibautstraat 150! Big Buck Bunny will be shown there as well, free entrance! Click on my name for more info :)

  19. pvandewyngaerde Writes:

    I saw it at the Ubuntu Hardy release party in Belgium.

    I liked it a lot, very funny

  20. tagoean Writes:

    Can’t hardly wait…
    schitterend werk gasten! ik anticipeer vol ongeduld een geweldige film!

  21. BgDM Writes:

    Oh!!! I can’t wait to get my DVD. Gonna take 6-10 days to get to Canada though. But damn, will be worth the wait!


  22. Éric B.-B. Writes:

    Waiting, hoping, expecting to see in on the Annecy Bonlieu movie theater from June 9th ! Vive les lapins ! – International Animated Movies Festival

  23. Francois Joannette Writes:

    Looking forward to see it. Just to late for my birthday….today….

  24. stratus26 Writes:

    Woooohhooooo !


  25. Voodka2007 Writes:

    Youhouh !! May 30 !! :)

  26. Redneck Writes:

    All comments in russian ([…]The release![…]) are spam and don’t relate to Blender…
    P.S. Yehaaa! Will wait for the great movie!

  27. BeepMaster Writes:

    I wait patiently ^^ …

  28. Filemnoi Writes:

    Looking forward to the release. Good luck!!

  29. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    “No squirrels were harmed during the waiting of this movie” LOL

  30. Gianmichele Writes:

    almost there, almost there :D

  31. DingTo Writes:

    I can’t wait…the film will be so much great! It is another big milestone for Blender and for you, guys. You have made a excellent work. Keep going.

    btw: Delete the spam-comments… :-)

  32. Ronc Writes:

    Screw mirrors, use torrents!

  33. alienkid Writes:

    Aw I am going to Ireland and won’t be able to mess with the new blender ver oh well.

  34. Mal Writes:

    alienkid, we recently got electricity in Ireland, so you should still be able to find a computer over here to try it out on :)

  35. Christiaan Bakker Writes:

    Where’s Blender 2.46!?

  36. DingTo Writes:

    It will come soon…we still have the 18th of May…:-)

  37. Christiaan Bakker Writes:

    RC4 works fine for now. :P

  38. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Be careful not to convert into a second Pavel Kanzelsberger regarding your self-proclaimed deadlines ;)

  39. Christiaan Bakker Writes:

    Haha.. *smiles* It’s still not here. ? *’huh’s*

  40. Stephen Meli Writes:

    I’d be willing to mirror BBB on my webspace, I have tons of bandwidth that I’m not using right now. :)

  41. Werner Höhrer Writes:

    Woohoo, 2.46 is coming shortly:


  42. Alexander Ewering Writes:

    Werner: It’s about time. The deadline has just slipped through in Europe :-) So, about 11 hours in left, in case the deadline was meant for Hawaii ;-)

  43. Matt Wilmshurst Writes:

    Alexander – Perhaps you should consider the date provided to be a delivery estimate rather than a deadline ;o)

    I’m sure Ton and the guys will release the new version as soon as they can.

  44. MrE Writes:

    [chris crocker mode]
    Leave the Blender team aloooone!!
    [/chris crocker mode]

    On the other hand the With the releasedate inching closer my excitement is almost killing me and making it harder for me to withhold myself from forcing the mailman to open his bag so i can see for myself there’s no package for me.

  45. Christiaan Bakker Writes:

    It’s there! 2.46! Yay!
    I just wonder why Mancandy’s face drivers got broken. They broke in RC3/RC4.

  46. Smiechu Writes:

    Hey, wait a second. Did I understand that right? Movie will be totally free a the end of May? :D

  47. MrE Writes:

    Nope you misunderstood. The movie is free already. Some people just get it earlier and get the warm feeling that they contributed with it for free.

  48. Saint Theo Writes:

    2.46 still has the graphics lag on MacBooks & Mac Minis. And it’s Apple’s fault, apparently.

  49. Chris Writes:

    Well, with shipping times, chances are those who helped fund BBB by purchasing a DVD, but don’t live in Europe, will see it online before their DVD arrives.

  50. Mildred Writes:

    Seems like the website test failed … On my computer the website was unavailable for few hours yesterday.

    I’m thinking that perhaps the blender foundation perhaps should have another web server installed with load balancing the release days … maybe to be used for other purposes afterward, so the website don’t do down.

  51. Mildred Writes:

    Or perhaps use static pages for the most visited ones (if that’s not already the case). In some cases it can make miracles.

  52. MrE Writes:

    Never thought of that. Well it’s still not to late for Ton to push forward the moment of the online release.

  53. Digitist Writes:

    It’s may 20th today. So the DVD will hopefully be shipped today.

  54. Vassilios Boucer Writes:

    Today is shipping Day(I hope)!Cant wait the Postman..coming!

  55. Rouven Writes:

    I guess thos blender folks over there in Amsterdam may already have bleeding fingers because of the packaging action.
    I see forward to the arrival of the dvd. I purchased my new 22″ Display yesterday to view it in awesome quality. I can’t wait anymore.

  56. yaniv Writes:

    i cam hardly wait!!!! it is got to be so funny its looks just a great movie!!!
    thanks you peach team!!!!!

  57. DJ_Boxer Writes:

    @Christian: Have you tried the Face drivers on 2.46 full release?

  58. Faraz Khan Writes:

    its pretty sad how the old cartoon drawings have stopped and all the shows are now animated :(

  59. lingerie Writes:

    I see forward to the arrival of the dvd. I purchased my new 22″ Display yesterday to view it in awesome quality. I can’t wait anymore.

  60. Club Penguin Cheats Writes:

    When I first got my Elephants Dream DVD one of the CDs had fallen out of the case’s plastic holder resulting in several scratches on the disc. I think quite a few people also had the same issue.