BBB conquers the Netherlands

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Here’s a list of events that will happen the next 2 months in the Netherlands around Blender and BBB. Most of this is a result of our successful BBB launch in the Netherlands, which resulted in a cumulation of invitations… I’ve stopped accepting any more now! :)

To start with the most prestigious one:

Netherlands Film Festival, official selection in main program

Utrecht, sept 24 – oct 3, 2008

  • Three theatre screenings of BBB
  • Sept 30: nominations for awards announced (we can become nominated in short film category)
  • Oct 1: BBB screening + speaking as part of the “Re-vision, the new media effect” program
  • Private screenings in international program for distributors, TV stations and studios.
  • Oct 3: The grand Gala evening. Well, I’ll be going there anyway for fun!

Klik! Amsterdam animation festival

Amsterdam, 12-14 september 2008

  • Saturday 13, 20.20h: BBB screening + presentation

IBC, International Broadcasting Conference

Amsterdam, 12-16 september

  • You’ll probably see BBB on many tradeshow booths showing off HD technology!

Nederlandse Stripdagen (Dutch Comic days)

Houten, 27-28 september, 2008

  • Saturday 27, 10.00h: BBB screening + presentation

PICNIC’08 (cross media conference)

Amsterdam, 24-26 September 2008

Cinekid, international film festival for the youth

Amsterdam, 18-26 october 2008

  • Tuesday 21, 16.00h: BBB screening and presentation/interview

Blender Conference

Amsterdam, 24-26 october 2008

  • Three days of talks, roundtables and workshops about Blender
  • Friday evening: BBB screening as part of festival

Stifo@Sandberg Conference

Amsterdam, october 31 2008 (official announcement still pending)

  • Speaker in the program “Moving Movie Industry”

Holland Animation Film Festival

Utrecht, 5-9 november 2008

  • BBB selected in official competition
  • masterclass by BBB animator William Reynish (to be confirmed)

10 Responses

  1. ton Writes:

    BTW: we also have an impressive international festival line-up, will write update for that asap…

  2. Jean Montambeault Writes:

    It’ll be a nice reward for anyone who worked so hard on BBB to assist to one/many of these festivals.
    Hopefully it’ll also lead to more professional use since so many producers, distributors and others will be exposed to it. Every user and developer too would benefit from that.

    Have fun Ton :)


  3. RH2 Writes:

    Have a good time, and good luck!

  4. J Writes:

    I bet you could get BBB on PBS channels.

  5. jin choung Writes:

    coooooooool. congratulations! really well deserved!

  6. TxRx Writes:

    Diverse? In most senses yes, but any festivals outside of the Netherlands in there? I must say well done though. Looks like your going be a busy team!

  7. Jean-Sébastien Guillemette Writes:

    Ton replied this (reply#2 on this blogpost)

    “BTW: we also have an impressive international festival line-up, will write update for that asap…”

    Congrats Ton & and all the artists who worked on BBB. This is a nice reward :D

  8. tim Writes:

    yo blender is so cool I 11 years old

    and I kan fell with blender I love it

    mzzl (I netherlands)

  9. the cyberdeaf Writes:

    I and many other deaf people would REALLY appreciate it if you could add subtitles to this video and to the next videos/DVDs you’re planning to make.



  10. Eibriel Writes:


    I would like to invite you to participate on the 11º Buenos Aires International Independient Film Festival from Argentina. An important festival with international recognition.

    Inscription ->

    If you make the inscription I can burn a DVD copy and bring them to the festival. You can contact me at “tentaculo.producciones ( at ) gmail (dot) com”

    [I’m not part from the festival, only like your short film hahaha]