Holland Animation Film Festival: 2 awards!

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Big Buck Bunny is the winner of two awards:

– The MovieSquad Audience Award (kids of 8-12 voted in the HAFF school program)
– The HAFF Audience Award (festival visitors voted, with over 40 nominations)

Festival news page

Congrats to the entire team, and of course to everyone who has supported BBB!


15 Responses

  1. Satish 'iluvblender' Goda Writes:

    Congratulations to Team Peach.

    Blend on!!!!

  2. Wouter Writes:

    Congratulations with the prizes, you’ve really earned it!

  3. Vincent Writes:


    However, how on earth can you live with yourself after showing this to kids of 8-12 years old? I bet Kijkwijzer wouldn’t approve ;)

  4. d@nny Writes:

    Congratulations to the whole peach team!
    Wow, 2 awards!

  5. panzi Writes:

    Congratulations! :)

  6. Jurjen Writes:

    Wow.. congratulations.

    You really tried to make something that would entertain lots of people. Now you have proof of that.


  7. Raaj Bharath Veeramani Writes:

    Very appreciative work by the Entire team.The short length of the movie adds as a plus point to the movie.Really very good work . Great job ! Yoh have done it !

  8. sufail andros Writes:

    wow great work,

    we r now starting a animation film,
    we r using reference BIG BUCK BUNNY.

  9. Mike Artosi Writes:

    Fantasitc!!! all I can say it’s the firs time I see a production like this. Go guys GO !!! Open source film is absolutly a new frontier.

  10. seyed Writes:

    thanks for co

  11. Nacotic Writes:

    nice.. crongrats for that…. BBB FTW!!

    i think, bbb is one of the greatest animation- shortmovie i’ve ever seen. alltime i’m watching bbb i give a big laughthing to madagascar…

  12. James Writes:

    I first watched Big Buck Bunny on a television in the common area of a local technical university (Ryerson U. , Toronto, Canada)just a couple of weeks ago. I haven’t laughed out so loud in a public place in ages. Ryerson’s speciality is media of all varieties, so I think BBB is played as inspiration in the schools common areas to show what people can accomplish when they work at it. Or they might play it for a laugh. Congratulations!

  13. Herr Moose Writes:

    I hadn’t seen the completed film until now – I think it is exceptionally well animated, in many scenes even better than in some “big budget” animated feature films. I hope the “big studios” have begun hiring the whole team because you guys definitely know what your’re doing! Outstanding work!

  14. notAbunny Writes:

    I have seen BBB recently in an infinite loop in a Saturn in germany.
    just wanted to let you know

  15. Jenny Writes:

    Hey ! Glad to hear it’s not over for Big Buck Bunny